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Simple, impactful workplace giving

Support your employees around the things they care most about

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We know your company means more than business

We’re big believers that change comes from everyone. Not just individuals with the largest checkbooks, and not just Fortune 500 companies.

Every company and every employee should have the opportunity to do workplace giving. We know that in 10 years from now it will be the norm for companies of all sizes to match employee donations and connect with their employees around the organizations they love.

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A powerful, easy way to connect to your employees

More than a perk

Connect to employees with charitable matches to the causes they love and get more out of your perk dollars.

For companies actually on a budget

Giving programs don't need to be thousands of dollars per employee, start at a reasonable amount for your company's budget. Employees feel connected at all levels of a match.

Simple & Flexible

Get up and going in 20 minutes. Want more customization? No problem. Our admin tools let you create as robust of a program as you like. Create preferred lists of cause areas or organizations, set company and individual caps, and send employee and customer gifts.

Millie Gift Cards
Millie Company Dashboard

A dashboard to see, track, and share your impact

It’s about time you get to brag about the amazing people you work with and the good you do together. Our customizable dashboard let’s you show off your impact— whether it be on TV screens throughout your office or beyond the company walls and out to your customers.

For companies with the best culture.

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