About Millie

We’re ready for a new kind of giving.

I am a millennial. Y’know… That crazy generation that loves adventuring 365 days a year. We’re not always fiscally responsible (thank you insane student debt and rising home prices), but we are socially responsible (the way more important responsible) and we want to see and change the world we live in.

While I felt passionate about making change, I realized my own personal giving habits did not reflect the way I felt about the causes I loved. When I counted my donations for the year to see how much more I allotted to give (thank you crazy awesome Jewish tradition of tithing), I realized I had already donated a majority of my money away to causes that I didn’t choose nor care about. I gave when friends or family would run in a race or ask online, but rarely did I ask myself what I cared about. I did a lot of guilty-gift-giving charity, and not a lot of the giving back that I enjoyed. I saw philanthropists approach their giving thoughtfully, so why didn’t I?

I wanted to learn more about organizations that are making a real impact and interact with them more than once a year. I wanted to be thoughtful about where to allocate my charitable dollars. I wanted it to be simple, easy, and feel great.

I wanted a home for giving.

And so Millie was born.

Thanks for being a part of it all! Don’t hesitate to reach out, I love hearing from our community – [email protected]

with love

Rachel Klausner
Founder & CEO

Millie Team

Our Mission

Millie’s mission is to build a home for giving, by connecting people and nonprofits.

Democratizing Philanthropy

For over a hundred years, only high net-worth individuals had access to donor-advised funds (basically giving wallets). This financial tool allowed for easy, simple, and strategic giving for donors that were wealthy. But what about us, the everyday donors? There was no easy way to manage all of our giving and find great nonprofits. Until now. We’ve partnered with a donor-advised fund to bring giving wallets to everyone. So now instead of needing a $10,000 donation to open one up, you can start using a giving wallet with just $20.

Millie Team

We 😍 Impact

We are social innovation nerds that love technology and believe it can make crazy differences to help move our universe forward.

We are a proud public benefit corporation. That means we have both a fiscal responsibility as a for-profit business, and also a social responsibility to commit to bringing positive change to this world. We hold ourselves accountable to our mission and keep social impact at the forefront of our company.

Millie Team