Why 5%

We want to shout it from the rooftop, because we are both proud of it and want to ensure transparency with our donors and nonprofits.

For every $1 given, we take 5 cents to feed Millie and continue to operate.

We are inspired by the incredible nonprofits out there doing life-changing work for others. We are equally inspired by you, the people working hard everyday, with a commitment to give.

While the 5% is what it takes for us to turn the wheels, we would also never ever want it to get in the way of you giving back to the causes you love. If you’d like, email Rachel at [email protected] and we’ll donate your 5% to charity.

Millie is a proud public benefit corporation. That means we have both a fiscal responsibility as a for-profit business, and also a social responsibility to commit to bringing positive change to this world. We have lofty dreams to create a home for giving that makes giving back fun, easy, and impactful.

Thanks so much for being a part of it all!