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Mekdes Gashaw, rising high school senior at Serkalem High School in Zikuala woreda, Amhara region. “I’ve wanted to be a medical doctor since kindergarten. I’ve never programmed before, but now I like computer science and enjoy it.” Mekdes' story is not unique. In AddisCoder 2019, 110 of our students declared in a survey that they had no prior experience with programming. Prior to AddisCoder, only 27 of the students said they planned to major in computer science or a related field (e.g. EECS or software engineering). After AddisCoder, that number became 83.

Since 2011, AddisCoder has trained over 500 Ethiopian high school students in programming and algorithms.
Five of our alumni so far have started PhD's in STEM fields (computer science, mathematics, and mechanical engineering). Even more have pursued Master's degrees. For undergraduate studies, most of our alumni enroll in Ethiopian universities, though many also study abroad: MIT (4 students), Princeton (3), Trinity College (2), NYU Abu Dhabi (2), and one to each of Stanford, Harvard, Cornell, Brown, Columbia, Seoul National University, Jacobs Bremen, and many other top universities.
In each of the last three iterations of AddisCoder, girls constituted 40-45% of students in the class.
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