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Glen Head, NY
EIN 82-3384283

Growing up, I was involved in multiple sports teams. I loved the feeling of being a part of a team; of feeling like an essential player. I loved working alongside my teammates to reach a common goal. My years of experience on various teams empowered me to assume leadership positions, both on and off the field. Sports can have an extraordinarily positive impact on young people’s lives, yet disadvantaged kids face many barriers to participation. I was inspired to found GCNY when I realized that so many children do not have access to participate in sports, and the empowering experience that was incredibly formative for me. I knew that if every child had a soccer ball to kick, a bat to swing, or cleats to run in, they too could become leaders in their local sports leagues; they too could benefit from the life skills that playing sports imparts.

My hope is that GCNY continues to grow and benefit as many children as possible around the world. With the help of passionate volunteers, generous donors, and dedicated board members, I know that we will achieve this goal.

Please join me in this endeavor!


Sara Blau

Pieces of sports equipment have been collected and distributed to kids in need
Partner organizations
Volunteers of all ages
1 Soccer ball
1 Basketball
1 Baseball bat

Volunteering + Events

Bake Sale

Looking for volunteers to create bake sales or other fundraisers in order to raise money for GCNY! Check out the link below to learn about a bake sale we've had in the past!

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Sports tournament fundraisers

Host your own sports tournament and raise money for GCNY! Check out the link to learn more about events we've hosted before!

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Create a GoFundMe

Looking for volunteers to create a GoFundMe for GCNY in order to ship more sports equipment to kids around the world.

Sports Equipment Collection

Looking for volunteers to hold sports equipment collections! You can follow the steps in the link below in order to do so. Help us distribute more sports equipment to kids in need!

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