Empower Work

Empower Work is on a mission to create healthy, equitable work spaces where people are supported, valued, and empowered. We believe that when people thrive at work, communities, companies, the economy, and our democracy, thrive.

Our approach fuels positive change in three key ways:

1. Our text line provides immediate, confidential support for underrepresented and underresourced workers at critical work moments,

2. Our trained peer counselors utilize their training not just on the line, but in their workplaces, and

3. Aggregate, anonymous data from the conversations can inform new approaches, tools, trainings, and policies for systemic workplace change.

Empower Work falls under the Employment N.E.C. category.

San Francisco, CA
EIN 82-2696116

"I was feeling gas lit at work and it was too much to bear. I didn't know who it was safe to talk to. Empower Work was there for me when I needed them. There were no long waits, no intake forms, no financial questions. There was a human on the other end of the line who cared. That meant a lot. I was able to continue to care for my patients who needed me and find the courage to keep asking for what I needed."

Of people who reach out to chat with our trained peer counselors feel better after a conversation - and empowered to take an action.
Of peer counselors learn new professional skills they use in supporting people on our text line - and in their workplaces.
Text messages exchanged 2018-2019 with workers struggling across all 50 states.
Supports a month of our technology for one volunteer
Supports one conversation to help someone navigate a work challenge
Supports five volunteers to help callers


2018 Budget
87%Program Spend
4%Management Spend
8%Fundraising Spend

Volunteering + Events

Volunteer to empower people at work.

Give back while gaining new professional skills! Our training program builds critical skills that make volunteers better leaders, team members, and managers in their own workplace. Volunteers invest in their own careers while lifting others up.

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