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For Debra, the journey to become an Art Director at Essence magazine was anything but easy. A key step was participating in our Diversity in Arts Leadership (DIAL) internship program. DIAL provides paid internships at art organizations and 1-on-1 coaching from a business mentor. She credits DIAL with helping her to forge the priceless connections that enabled her to get where she is today.

48% of DIAL alumni are working in the creative sector at organizations like Adobe, Coach, and Harlem Festival of the Arts.


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Arts + Social Impact Exlporer

The Arts + Social Impact Explorer is an interactive online tool that draws together more than 1,000 data points on how the arts impact and integrate into 26 different sectors ranging from education and innovation, to health and wellness, immigration, faith and environment. The tool provides quick top-line research, example projects, core research papers, and lists service and partner organizations doing this work, as well as provides printable PDF fact sheets to share with decision-makers.

Arts & Economic Prosperity 5

Arts & Economic Prosperity 5 is our fifth study of the nonprofit arts and culture industry's impact on the economy. It documents the economic contributions of the arts in 341 diverse communities and regions across the country, representing all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Nationally, the nonprofit arts and culture industry generated $166.3 billion of economic activity during 2015—$63.8 billion in spending by arts and cultural organizations and an additional $102.5 billion in event-related expenditures by their audiences. This activity supported 4.6 million jobs and generated $27.5 billion in revenue to local, state, and federal governments.

This study puts to rest a misconception that communities support arts and culture at the expense of local economic development. In fact, communities are investing in an industry that supports jobs, generates government revenue, and is the cornerstone of tourism. Arts & Economic Prosperity 5 shows conclusively that, locally as well as nationally, the arts mean business!

National Initiative for Arts and Health in the Military

The National Initiative for Arts & Health in the Military advances the arts in healthcare, healing, and well-being for military service members, veterans, their families and caregivers.

Working across military, government, private and non-profit sectors, the goals of the National Initiative are to:

Raise visibility, understanding, and support of arts and health in the military;

Advance the policy, practice, and quality use of arts and creativity as tools for health in the military; and

Make the arts as tools for health available to all Active Duty, Guard, Reserve, and staff, Veterans, military families, and caregivers.

Arts Education Navigator

With over 300 contributors and over 175 partner organizations, the Arts Education Navigator is your connection to the tools and resources you need to make the case for arts education!

Do you believe in the transformative power of arts education? The Arts Education Navigator will help you transform your passion into action. Follow this six step process to move from simple supporter to empowered advocate!

Your Role: Understand your role in the arts education ecosystem and where to place your influence to be most effective in your advocacy.

Your State: Learn which policies affect arts education in and out of school in your state and who to talk to about them.

Your Interest: Unpack the buzzwords in the field of arts education and connect with other organizations to learn more about what you can do.

Your Strategy: Brush up on your casemaking skills and connect with the latest tools to start crafting your advocacy strategy.

Your Target: Determine who to approach with your advocacy and how to best make the ask to your audience.

Your Story: Share your story with others and learn about what else is happening around the country.

Volunteering + Events

National Arts Action Summit, March 30-31, 2020

The National Arts Action Summit is a multi-day event bringing together arts advocates from across the country. Attendees will attend a full day of advocacy training to learn the latest research and legislative arts priorities from the experts on Monday, March 30. That evening, The Nancy Hanks Lecture at The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts is sure to inspire and motivate advocates. The following day, March 30, is Arts Advocacy Day when advocates take their passion, knowledge, and stories to Capitol Hill for meetings with their congressional leaders. Arts Advocacy Day brings together a broad cross section of America's cultural and civic organizations, along with more than 500 grassroots advocates from across the country, to underscore the importance of developing strong public policies and appropriating increased public funding for the arts.

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National Arts Marketing Project Conference, November 15-18, 2019

Join us in Miami as we explore three core themes:

You: What new skill(s) do I need to learn to be effective in my individual career?

Your World: What information does the field need to navigate the current environment?

Your Future: What is our collective vision for the future, and how do we reach it?

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