Greater Boston Legal Services Inc

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Our mission is to provide free legal assistance to as many low-income families as possible to help them secure some of the most basic necessities.

Boston, MA
EIN 04-2103907

'Mary' is a mother who, with the help of GBLS, regained custody of her son from her abusive partner. Family Law attorney Patricia Levesh represented Mary in a highly-contested custody case.  Mary gained what she wanted: physical custody of Sam, a fixed visitation schedule, child support, and joint legal custody.

In 2018, GBLS handled over 10,640 matters, providing critical legal assistance to nearly 9,000 people living in poverty. Of the clients we served, 65% were women; 79% were people of color.


2018 Budget
86%Program Spend
9%Management Spend
4%Fundraising Spend